1. Temperature

The most important thing to storing your wine is temperature. If wine gets exposed to heat for too long it will spoil extremely fast so be sure to keep your wine as close to 55 degrees as possible.

2. Humidity

Your storage space also has to stay humid. If the humidity drops enough the corks can dry out which lets air in and the wine spoils. It can also be the culprit of leaky corks. Corks are happiest at about 70% humidity. This is not a concern if the bottles have screw caps.

3. Consistency

Temperature and humidity almost dont matter if you cannot keep them consistent. Wine will spoil fast in rapidly changing conditions so be sure your cooling system is working properly.

4. Darkness

Ultraviolet Rays or UV rays from the sun or light bulbs will also damage your wine. We use nothing but UV protective glass on all our doors and windows on wine cellars and cabinets.

5. Do Not Disturb

Just like you don’t want to be disturbed at your favorite hotel, wine doesn’t either. It needs to sit as still as possible for as long as possible as not to stir up the sediments and make a gritty wine.

6. Keep It Sideways

Traditionally wine has been stored on its side to keep the cork wet and because it’s an efficient way of storing it.

Our wine cellars and conditioned wine cabinets are a great solution to store your wine in the perfect environment!

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