It’s easy to get lost in a sea of bottles at your local wine store. Hundreds if not thousands of bottles to choose from can just be overwhelming. Now with modern technology and the smartphone in your pocket we can find a perfect bottle to fit your needs in seconds. Here are a few apps to try out and see which one works best for you.

Vivino – Free

Snap a quick pic in the app and vola! Instant access to reviews, descriptions and pricing. Vivino also has added a social aspect to finding great wines. You can add friends and see what they are currently drinking and how they are rating them as well as millions of other users. This makes for a fun experience that is so easy to use. Download it for Iphone here and try it out today, It’s one of our favorites for a quick pick.

Vivino ScreenshotVivino Screenshot2 Vivino Screenshot3 Vivino Screenshot4


Delectable – Free

Very similar to Vivino as you can snap a photo and get an instant review of thousands of bottles as well as have the social aspect of following your friends. Download it for Iphone here.

Delectable Screenshot Delectable Screenshot2 Delectable Screenshot3 Delectable Screenshot4


*Remember that most of these reviews are from peers not connoisseurs so use your best judgment.