Custom Wine Cellars

Seeking the ultimate environment to age and preserve your wine collection? Our custom wine cellars are meticulously designed to provide the perfect climate-controlled space, whether you’re remodeling an existing area or starting from scratch in a new home or business.

Rustic wine cellar with wooden racks and arched wooden doorway

What are the benefits of investing in a custom wine cellar?


Precise climate control, ensuring your wine ages perfectly


Significantly enhances the aesthetic appeal and market value of your home


Offers ample space to store extensive collections and various bottle sizes


Elevates your wine experience by having a beautiful, dedicated space for tastings

All of our custom wine cellars are expertly constructed at our manufacturing facility in South Carolina. We ensure every detail is perfect before shipping directly to you via freight curbside and white glove delivery. Our wine cellars are designed for seamless integration into your space.


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