Wine cellar doors are most of the time a great focal point entering into a cellar. They display immense characteristics of craftsmanship. Some of the most popular doors are either wood construction or wrought iron metal doors. We offer many styles and designs for either the typical cellar door to a customized door with our vendors. We will work one on one with you or your builder to make sure the door is an exact fit for your space and needs.

One thing to remember when choosing a wine cellar door is if your cellar space is conditioned your best option is to install a exterior grade, insulated solid core door with weather stripping, threshold, door sweep to prevent air loss from cellar. If your door selection will have a glass insert it’s best to choose the double pane insulated glass as well to prevent condensation from building up on the glass surface due to the clash in temperatures. One last thing to remember is when you or your contractor installs your door be sure to spray foam all joints, gaps and spaces in-between the jam and framed rough opening with spray foam to seal the doors jam to the framing to prevent air loss.