Decorative Wire Mesh

As there are many ways to enhance your cabinet doors, decorative wire mesh is very popular and suits almost all project with any style and décor! We offer many different styles of wire mesh along with different finishes. These are fine metal panels and are sure to make a eye catching appearance on your wine cabinetry.

Note: Sample swatches can be provided under special request.

Alpha Stainless Electro
Chicago Antique Brass Plate
Chicago Antique Bronze Plate
Chicago Antique Nickel Plate
Colorado Stainless
Durango Bronze
Durango Stainless
Edison Brass
Edison  Bronze
Fandango Antique Bronze
Fandango Stainless
Finland Stainless
Joplin Bronze
Orleans Antique Brass
Oslo Stainless

Oxford Antique Bronze

Tango Antique Brass
Tango Antique Bronze
Tango Antique Nickle