Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re curious about our installation procedures, climate control solutions, or how to get started on your own custom wine cellar project – we’ve got you covered. Find answers to some of our most common inquiries below.

What is the best cellar insulation?

Closed Cell Foam is considered the best wine cellar insulation.  It is best to achieve between R-13 & 19 for all interior walls and R-30 for all exterior “hot” walls.  

Climate-Controlled Wine Cabinets vs. Walk-In Wine Cellars?

Although walk in wine cellars are the traditional way to store wine, climate-controlled wine cabinets have been popular for many years and have several more advantage points over a walk-in wine cellar.

First and most important is cost. Walk-in wine cellar construction can be very timely and costly to build. Climate-controlled wine cabinets are custom built with Grandeur Cellars and are virtually plug and play. Some scenarios will require a trim kit, but all conditioned wine cabinet projects can be installed within 1 day under most circumstances.

Why such extensive crating for our projects?

By the time our clients call and we engage with them on a custom project, this project has been on our client’s mind for a while. So after our design phase and fabrication of their vision, it becomes our highest priority to protect it all the way to their home.

We have been told that our crating process takes almost an entire day to get into at times, but every project we produce has great meaning to our clients and its our goal to ensure it arrives 100% fully protected.

Which is the best cooling system for my cellar?

There are four main styles of systems: Self-Contained, Split System, Ducted Split, and Fully Ducted System. When trying to figure out the best system for your cellar, its always important to consider functionality before aesthetics.

We work with several major wine cellar cooling system manufacturers and will consult with them on your cellar design and layout to find the best configured set up for your space.

Are tours available at our manufacturing facility?

YES! We encourage all customers to come visit our facility and see their projects going through the custom process! We have a showroom where if the design is getting challenging we can all visit, look at samples, review options, and find the perfect selections for your wine cabinet or cellar racking system

What should the humidity level be in our wine cellar?

The most optimal humidity level in a wine cellar is going to be in-between 50-70% at all times. Humidity levels can vary depending on climate and location, but it is best controlled by using closed cell foam and a humification system, either stand-alone or integrated into the cooling system.

Ready to start your wine cellar project?

Our team of experts is here to help. Contact us today for personalized assistance and to discuss your unique wine storage needs. Let’s bring your vision to life!


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