D025WC – Ducted Water Cooled Wine Cellar Cooling Unit – 60Hz



The D025WC is a water-cooled ducted wine cellar cooling unit for small residential and commercial wine cellars. Use the wine cellar cooling calculator to determine if the D025WC is suitable for your application. The D025WC cooling system is a self-contained, fully ductable cooling system. If the cellar is sized for a TTW018, contains a lot of glass or contains additional internal heat sources, and you have a year-round water source, moving to the D025WC is recommended. Contractor installation is recommended. The maximum capacity of this system is 3,384 BTU/h (0.97 Kilowatts).

[The D025WC is a 60Hz system, which is standard in the majority of North and South America; if you need a comparable 50Hz system (used in most of Europe, Asia, Africa, & Australia) see the WG40WC wine cellar cooling unit. Verify your country’s line frequency.]

The D025WC cooling unit can also be configured with the All Wine Temperatures bundle, which includes both a factory-mounted heater to protect your cellar from low room temperatures and extended controls to adjust your wine room or wine display to serving temperatures. The D025WC system can also be outfitted with an integrated humidifier to add moisture to your wine room.


Additional Information

Model D025WC
Line Frequency 60 Hz
Capacity 1000 – 3760 BTU
Volume 250 – 2000 ft³
Length 33.45"
Width 16.6"
Height 15.56"
Weight 78 lbs
Electrical 115/1/60
Ductless/Ducted Ducted

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