D050WC Ducted Water Cooled Wine Cooling Unit – 60Hz



Wine Guardian D050WC wine cellar cooling unit can be factory configured to include an integral water-cooled condensing coil and water-regulating valve. This cooling unit is best in geothermal, cooling tower and lake water applications, and require a year-round source of water. Warm condenser air connections are not required, which makes the water-cooled option a perfect solution when warm condenser air venting isn’t possible.

The Water-cooled D050 unit is best for capacities up to 6,320 BTU/H (1.85 kW). Be sure to perform a complete heat load calculation prior to ordering your unit.

The D050WC is a 60Hz system, which is standard in most of North America (incl. USA & Canada).


Additional Information

Model D050WC
Line Frequency 60 Hz
Capacity 2700 – 6320 BTU
Volume 650 – 3000 ft³
Volume max 3000
Volume min 650
Length 41.5"
Width 22.5"
Height 19"
Weight 125 lbs
Electrical 115/1/60

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