Conditioned Wine Cabinets

Crafting Custom Wine Cellars to their Finest

Conditioned Wine Cabinets

Wine cabinets can hold a wide range of bottles from hundreds to thousands.

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Mati-Wine Cabinet 2020
Kennedy Wine Cabinet 2020
Joslove Wine Cabinet
Wolfel Wine Cellar
Harris Wine Cabinet
Huff Wine Cabinet

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With over 20 years of experience our in house designers use industry leading software to create world class wine cabinets.

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If necessary our skilled project managers will manage your project from start to finish no matter how big or small.


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Conditioned wine cabinets are a combination of fine furniture and a conditioned environment for storing your wine. They are ideal for the home/condo owner who desires a conditioned environment but doesn’t have the convertible space for a traditional cellar.

Our wine cabinets, like our cellars, are custom built to suit your needs and the available space. They can be simple cabinets to fit in a small space or can be elaborate, storing up to 500 bottles, and include bar facilities and cabinetry for storage.

All that is needed is a little extra space in your living area and your vision of what you would like in that space. The other major advantage is that it is basically a piece of furniture and if for some reason you choose to move, it can move with you!

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