Contemporary Design

The Challenge

We had many fun challenges on this unique project!

  • Backlit LED panel.
  • Metal Doors.
  • Ducted system.
  • Stainless Steel Racks.
  • Custom Maple hardwood to match staircase.

The Solution

We created a one of a kind racking system to match some of the house and get the look our client wanted. Using acrylic panels and LEDs we created a backlit feature we have never seen in a conditioned wine cabinet before. Lastly we had to use a ducted unit behind the cabinet in the storage room so that you wont see it inside the cabinet.

Bottle Count

Magnum Bottles

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Gorgeous Contemporary Wine Cabinet

Contemporary Design

Metal frame doors and hard clean lines make this a contemporary dream.

Built From the Inside Out

This cabinet is fully insulated from the inside out to be sure it keeps the wine at the perfect temperature.

Extensive Research and Development

Countless hours went into the design and creation of this one off wine cabinet.

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