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Over the years, wine storage has typically resolved to an under cabinet wine fridge or custom spaced designed for a wine cellar. Through innovative vision and design, Grandeur Cellars has integrated the conditioning system of the wine refrigerator with the larger storage capability of a wine cellar to bring you the new timeless premium conditioned wine cabinets.

Possibility of a future move? Wine cellars add an exquisite touch to the floorplan of a home, however the investment doesn’t relocate to the next home. The unique conditioned wine cabinets can be moved and are an affordable way to display, store and preserve a wine collection now and in the future. The storage capacity can allow the collection to grow as the bottle count can range from 250 to 1000 bottles depending on the style, design, and size of cabinet.

How to select the right type of conditioned cabinet in the space and budget available? Grandeur Cellars has two different design processes to choose from: 1) entirely custom built wine cabinets or 2) a selection of eight existing cabinet designs with customizable features to build just the right cabinet within a specific budget.

On, there is an online build feature to select the hardware, door style, racking options, stain color and more to design the ideal cabinet for any home or business. Grandeur Cellars follows the most popular trends in architectural design and furniture-grade style finishes and colors with the full ability to custom color match existing woodwork in a home. For out-of-state customers, Grandeur Cellars provides photo documentation of different construction phases throughout the build process. Upon completion, Grandeur Cellars can ship any size cabinet across the United States and provides high quality packaging and crating during shipping process. Proud to work one-on-one with our clients, we communicate throughout the build process to ensure each cabinet brings their collection to life upon delivery.

Grandeur Cellars started as a part-time garage project almost twenty years ago. Due to the world-class quality of customer service and finished products, the company has delivered hundreds of gorgeous wine cellars and wine cabinets, and has grown into two modern well-equipped facilities near Austin, TX and Greenville, SC. Each wine cabinet is manufactured with only the highest-quality craftsmanship right here in the U.S. and comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Grandeur Cellars’ wine cabinets will not only provide exquisite beauty, but will also serve as a one-of-a-kind work of art for any home.


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