Stained Glass

Over the years we have been asked if stained glass windows are an option in wine cellars and wine cabinets! They are but as stained glass is an artistic process with glass these artists are more scarce. We have found a very talented stained-glass artisan near our manufacturing facility and she does amazing work. LEB Stained Glass out of Greenville SC. As all of our temperature-controlled cabinets are required to have double pane insulated glass panels we will layer a beautiful custom designed stained glass panel in front of our insulated panels still giving your project the look your wanting yet still functional for your wine collection.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us about this process for your project if you are interested. With stained glass being a very customized option for your project it could increase the lead time of the project but will put a very personal and unique touch to your wine cabinet or cellar!


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