How to Calculate Thermal Load for Your Wine Cellar

Calculating Thermal Load for your wine cellar can be very difficult.

calculate thermal load wine cellar

Here are some of the main points to look at when figuring out Thermal Load on your Wine Room:

  • What is the Temperature and Humidity around the cellar?
  • What is the R value of the insulation?
  • What is your desired wine storage temperature?
  • Do you have any glass? How much? Single or Dual pane?
  • Are any walls exposed to the exterior and have a high heat load?
  • Does the lighting in the wine cellar generate any heat?
  • What type of cooling system will you be using?
  • How many Bottles are you storing?
  • Is it residential or commercial? How often will the door be opened?

All of this and more play a part on the thermal load of your wine cellar.

Luckily our friends over at CellarPro have put together an awesome form to calculate this for you as a service.

Check it out right here:

They also have R-Values for various construction materials here:


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