Luxury “Ultimate Storage” Multi-Zone Wine Refrigerator


Wine Guardian Wine Cabinets by La Sommelière give you the ability to pick and arrange the shelving within the cabinet. These freestanding systems maintain ideal temperature and humidity conditions for long-term storage or for the consumption of fine wine.

This preconfigured cabinet contains 13 premium shelves, optimal for those that want to efficiently use the cabinet space purely for storage.

Contains 13 premium shelves and 1 storage box. Configured for burgundy bottles.

Ships within 5 business days.


Wine Guardian wine cabinets are freestanding self-contained wine fridge systems are designed to store bottles of fine wine at temperatures and humidities optimal for long-term storage or consumption.

This Multi-Zone cabinet creates three separate temperature zones within the cabinet. This makes it very convent to store different types of wine that have different ideal preservation temperatures. It also makes it possible to have some wine at serving temperatures ready to drink and others at ageing temperatures for consumption in the future.

The cabinets can be set to one of five different temperature ranges (from bottom to top):

  • 43° – 50° – 57°F (6° – 10° – 14°C)
  • 45° – 52° – 59°F (7° – 11° – 15°C)
  • 46° – 54° – 61°F (8° – 12° – 16°C)
  • 48° – 55° – 63°F (9° – 13° – 17°C)
  • 50° – 57° – 64°F (10° – 14° – 18°C)

The “Ultimate Storage” cabinet is also available in a Single-Zone configuration.

What makes Wine Guardian wine fridges unique is the ability to configure the shelving.  This “Ultimate Storage” cabinet is preconfigured 9 premium shelves, perfect for those who want to maximize their cabinet space to store as much wine as possible. However, this is just a template; the cabinet can be further configured to your exact liking.

These cabinets are handcrafted by European wine cabinet experts. They are fully assembled in our factory and are ready to set up right out of the box.

Features of Wine Guardian Cabinets:

  • Configurable shelving – mix and match six (6) different shelf types, their location, and how many within the cabinet. Start creating your dream wine cabinet with our cabinet configuration tool. Wine Guardian is the only wine cabinet manufacturer that allows shelving configuration.
  • Ideal humidity conditions – the cabinet automatically maintains humidity conditions between 55 and 65% relative humidity for optimal long-term storage of fine wines.
  • Strong magnetic sealed door – the door contains a strong magnetic seal, ensuring no air leakage.
  • UV light protection – the glass door was treated to filter up to 70% of harmful UV rays.
  • LED Lights – white LED lights to show off the finer details of your collection.
  • Door Lock – simple to use lock keeps your wine out of the reach of children.
  • Vibration free design – shock absorbers and thick insulation foam help absorb the vibrations from the internal mechanical equipment, protecting your wine.
  • Charcoal filter – to keep the cabinet odor free, these systems are equipped with an air refreshing system with an activated charcoal filter.
  • Automatic defrost – when the cooling cycle is finished, the refrigerated parts of the cabinet are defrosted automatically.
  • Caster wheels – for easy relocation of the cabinet.
  • Premium sliders – give you easy access to your complete collection. Standard with all shelves and drawers (exception of the storage box).


Additional Information

Line Frequency 60 Hz
Bottle Capacity 158 Standard Bottles (Without Shelves – 228)
Depth 29.4 in.
Width 24.4 in.
Height 72.0 in.
Electrical (V/ph/Hz) 115/1/60
Weight 219 lbs
Sound 36 dBA


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