Piccolo 5-Bottle


Carry-on size (when empty of wine)

Choose from 3 colors: Black, Silver or Burgundy

The VinGardeValise is a must-have wine travel accessory that guarantees a safe journey for your favorite wine, beer & spirits when traveling from point a to point b. The best part is that all the inserts are removable allowing you to use it as a suitcase too. This makes VinGardeValise one of the most versatile suitcases on the market and an extreme value to consumers. The VinGardeValise also features other additional inserts that allow consumers to take control of their suitcase by being able to transport glassware, magnum sized bottles, and custom sized bottles.

How this product works:

  1. Take your bar and favorite beverages where you want to travel. Simply pack your favorite alcoholic beverages in patented removable inserts and check them on an airplane when you travel.
  2. This product allows visitors to wineries, breweries, and distilleries to bypass laws that prohibit the direct to consumer shipping of alcoholic beverages to many states. It also allows wineries, breweries, and distilleries to sell more product and not miss out on countless income opportunities as well as being a great concierge to their guests when they may have not thought of a solution to this problem.

Special Features:

  1. Asymmetrical Hinomoto wheels make the VGV easy for you to maneuver giving elite handling ability and comfort when in transit.
  2. A TSA compliant lock is flush mounted and integrated into the suitcase giving added safety when transporting valuable merchandise also meeting the expectations of the modern consumer.
  3. A 10-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty on any defects in materials and workmanship gives consumers confidence to purchase.
  4. 100% proprietary compound material shell with closed-cell foam with removable inserts.
  5. Flexible design features patented removable inserts designed to make packing easy.
    1. Foam wine cavities are designed to hold a combination of 750ml bottles of almost any shape.
    2. Consumers can remove inserts to pack half clothing and half wine on trips or any combination of each that suits them best.
    3. The ability to fly with any combination of bottles from 2 to 5, Champagne to Riesling (depending on the model chosen)

Colors and Sizes:

  1. This product comes in 3 colors (black, burgundy, and silver) and 3 sizes (12 bottle, 8 bottle, and 5 bottle).
  2. Dimensions:
    1. 12 bottle unit - 18” x 13.5” x 27” | 14 lbs. Unpacked
    2. 8 bottle unit - 18” x 13” x 22” | 12 lbs. Unpacked
    3. 5 bottle unit - 9.5”D x 16”W x 22.8” L | 9.5 lbs. Unpacked

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